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In business since 2004, Shoreline Aerial Photography has flown hundreds of jobs for a wide variety of clients. Our client list includes some of the world's best known companies as well as individual property owners and collectors. We have a reputation for always exceeding our clients' expectations and delivering exceptional quality and customer service. We are based in Florida and Connecticut but routinely fly throughout the United States on assignments.



Finding a plane or pilot is never a problem with Shoreline Aerial Photography. We operate our own aircraft customized for aerial photography with removable photo windows. We use only professional grade, gyro-stabilized digital cameras for sharp clear images.



Shoreline Aerial is a family business owned and operated by Captain Tom Walsh, a United States Marine Corps veteran and current international airline pilot. Tom began flying at a young age and now has over 23,000 hours of flying time. He's flown many kinds of aircraft, from classic tailwheel airplanes such as Piper Cubs to jet fighters and wide-body airliners. Tom's work has been published in major publications around the world, has been featured in museums and boardrooms, and now a book, “The Connecticut River from the Air”. 


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